Home Decor Ideas for 2020

Trends are constantly evolving and changing, and even as the start of the decade begins, we are beginning to see the perfect décor everywhere. Think bright and bold colours with a splash of unique and contemporary art; homes have never looked better. With the rise of Pinterest and other internet inspiration websites, home decoration is being taken more seriously than ever. People are now considering their choices for furniture and wall paint more than ever before and try to keep their home as stylish as possible.

Finding home décor ideas is easy, but what are the popular ones for 2020? Below you’ll discover the main trends for 2020 and how you can update your existing décor to look amazing. It’s a perfect way to change up your home without much time or effort invested.

Here are some quick ideas to spruce up your home and add a little uniqueness to your perfect pad…


Navy Everywhere

In 2019, navy started becoming popular. Not only has navy become a first choice for fashion and clothing pieces, but now people are choosing to paint walls and furnishings navy too. The good thing about navy is that it’s versatile and sophisticated, so if you want to decorate with this colour, it’s likely that it will go with whatever is already in your each of your rooms. Navy blue can contrast traditionally neutral colours such as cream, white and greys, while still giving a blank canvas. If you’re considering a navy-blue bedroom or living area, try having a feature wall that is painted blue with various art pieces on it. It’s a beautiful way to decorate and trendy too. 

Stay Minimal

Minimalism has been a huge trend over the last five years, and 2020 isn’t going to see this trend slow down. Keeping your home as minimal as possible has many benefits, it means you’re not struggling to find things around your home, but it can also show elegance and beauty. If you have plain cream walls, you will be able to decorate with frames or canvas without worrying about matching colours. If you’re interested in minimalistic inspiration, RWinvest has a range of developments that are decorated in this similar style. It can be beneficial to see other apartments as inspiration before decorating your new home as it can encourage you to try new and exciting décor ideas.

Non-White Kitchens

All-white kitchens are definitely something of the past, while it was trendy to have an all-white kitchen in 2010, 2020 is seeing the rise in grey, black, and cream coloured cabinets and cupboards. More people are embracing natural woods and other adventurous colours for their kitchen spaces which allows for an airy and bright vibe without restrictions.

Abstract Energy

Free-spirited and unique interiors are a trend for this season in bedrooms and living spaces; people are taking inspiration from expressionist artwork that embraces bold and bright colours along with shapes and other patterns. Punchy colours lend a playful approach to your design, and this style embraces imperfection and the beauty of hand-drawn artwork. Etsy is a great way to find artwork and pieces that are beyond your wildest dreams as there are thousands of independent artists selling their one-of-a-kind pieces on there!

Greenery and Plants

Who doesn’t love plants and trees in their home? It’s not only good for your health (due to plants improving air quality), but it also means your home will feel super cosy. Add some small plants to the corner of your room or decorate your whole home with them – it adds a little something different to most other homes, but it’s still trendy and beautiful. 


Source: www.clnsmedia.com